Ujjayi Pranayama steps.

By practicing Ujjayi Pranayama, any seeker can get into the depths of his mind and move forward in the field of spirituality and can also connect with himself. 

Ujjai Pranayama has its own separate and important place in yoga, by practicing Ujjayi Pranayama, any person can get rid of many types of problems, although there are many benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama, if Ujjayi Pranayama is done properly, then only we can get benefits. 

So that’s why I request you to read the Ujjayi Pranayama steps carefully so that you can do this Pranayama easily and naturally and get the maximum benefits from it. 

Ujjayi pranayama steps

What are Ujjayi Pranayama steps?

So here are all Ujjayi Pranayama steps read them carefully. 

1. For the practice of Ujjayi Pranayama, you should choose a comfortable posture such as Ardha Padmasana Siddhasana or Sukhasana. 

2. After sitting in a comfortable posture, place your hands on your knees in Gyan Mudra or you can normally keep your hands on your knees, and sit with your back and neck straight. 

3. For the first 2 to 3 minutes, sitting in your place, do the action of breathing normally on the breath. 

4. After about 2 to 3 minutes now we will start doing the practice of Ujjayi Pranayama. 

5. Now we will take a long deep breath and release it completely from the body. 

6. Now after exhaling the breath out of the body, we will contract the muscles of the throat completely means will press these muscles as much as we can while applying the force of the throat. 

7. Now if you want to know whether you are doing this pranayama properly or not, then when you do the contraction of the throat then it will have an effect in your stomach. There will be a feeling of having a rod between the stomach and the throat. 

8. When you have compressed your throat, then slowly breathe in through your nose. 

9. When you inhale inside the body, during that time a special kind of sound will be produced from which you can guess that you are doing this pranayama perfectly. 

10. After inhaling, first you release the muscles of your throat and then slowly release the breath out of the body. 

■ So this was a common practice of Ujjayi Pranayama, when you start doing this pranayama regularly, after that you can practice it by adding Kumbhak and Bandha in this pranayama. 

Ujjayi Pranayama steps with kumbhaka and Bandha?

We can practice this pranayama only with Antrik Kumbhaka, in this, we cannot apply Bahya Kumbhaka because while doing this pranayama we keep the breath inside the body which is possible only in Antrik Kumbhaka. 

Practice this pranayama with Kumbhak and bandha only those people who have done well normal practice of ujjayi pranayama for the first few weeks. 

1. To practice this with bandha we will first take a long deep breath and release it outside the body then compress our throat muscles 

2. Now slowly in the same way we will breathe inside the body and while inhaling a special type of sound will be produced as we told you earlier. 

3. Now we will hold our breath inside our body and apply Jalandhara Bandha first and then Moolbandha. 

4. Now, in the same way, we will hold our bandhas as well as breath for some time. 

5. Now while opening the bandhas, we will reverse this sequence, which means we will first open the Moolbandha and then the Jalandhara bandha and then we will exhale slowly leaving our throat muscles loose. 

6. Please keep the sequence of applying and opening the bandha in the same way, you should not first apply the Moola bandha or you should not open the first Jalandhar bandha, this is an ideal sequence, please do not try to change it. 

  • So this was Ujjayi Pranayama Steps You can do this pranayama normally and this pranayama can also be practiced with kumbhak and bandha, only those people practice this pranayama with bandh who regularly do yoga and pranayama and those who know more about Bandha and Kumbhak.

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