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Utthan Prishthasana or which we also call Lizard Pose in English, in this asana, the shape of our body looks like a lizard, by this we also call it Lizard Pose, in this asana, our whole body parts are used and Due to this, our whole body becomes strong and healthy, in the beginning, it may be difficult for many people to do this asana. 

And that is why today we will tell you all the things related to this asana like how you can do this asana easily, what is the literal meaning of this asana, the benefits of Utthan Pristhasana, what precautions we should take while doing it and we will also discuss many other topics in detail. 

What is the meaning of Utthan Pristhasana?

Utthan Pristhasana If you want to know the literal meaning of this word then you must know which script or language this word belongs to, actually, it is a Sanskrit word which is made up of 3 words Utthan Pristh and Asana according to Sanskrit Utthan means raised upwards Pristh means back or back part and Asana means posture so this was the literal meaning of this word now let us know how we can do this asana easily. 

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How to do Utthan Pristhasana (lizard pose)?

So let us know how we can practice this asana and after that, we will also discuss the benefits of Utthan Pristhasana. 

1. To practice this asana, we will lie on our knees on a flat surface. 

2. After standing on the knees, we will keep our hands on the waist and while raising the right leg, we will take it forward. 

3. Then move your right knee forward as much as you can, then slowly put the soles of both your hands on the ground. 

4. Then we will raise our left knee off the ground and keep that leg straight. And we will keep all the weight of our body on the toes of the same left foot. 

5. Then with the help of our hands, we will put our right foot forward a little bit. 

6. After doing this, keep your right elbow on the ground and keep your left elbow on the ground as well. 

7. The right elbow should be next to the heel of the right foot and the right knee should be in line with the right shoulder. 

8. Then you keep your left leg straight, keep the weight of your body on the right toes and above both the elbows and keeping your neck straight, keep looking in front. 

9. Now we will do this posture from the other side, meaning now we will bring our left foot forward and keep the weight of the body on the toes of the right foot. 

10. Now in the same way we will stand on our knees and bring our left leg forward then we will move our left leg forward. 

11. After taking our left leg forward, we will put the palms of both our hands on the ground and straighten the knees of our right leg. 

12. Now we will keep our right elbow on the ground in the same way and at the same time, we will also keep our left elbow on the ground and keep all the weight of the body on both our elbows and right toes. 

13. Now straighten your right leg and keep your left elbow in line with the heel of the left foot and the left knee in the line of the left shoulder. 

14. And then, keeping the neck in front, will remain in this posture for some time. 

15. Then slowly straightening the spine, will take the body back and come back to the same starting position.

Special things.

  • When you are doing this asana or when you have stabilized your body in the Utthan Pristhasana, both the time you allow your breathing to move normally.
  • For more Utthan Pristhasana benefits,   practice Vjrasana Before and after this asana. 

Timing for Utthan Pristhasana.

  • This asana can be done 3 to 4 times at a time and the body can be kept stable for 25 seconds to 40 seconds at a time.
  • If you want, you can gradually increase this time limit by doing regular practice. 
  • The best time to do Utthan Pristhasana is in the morning, not only this asana but also any yoga or exercise, we should do it only in the morning, at that time the temperature of our environment is also normal and our body remains agile.

Affected body parts.

  • Although there are many benefits of Utthan Pristhasana, but its practice causes strain and tension on all these body parts on our waist, on the calves, on the thighs, on the back.

What are the Utthan Pristhasana benefits?

So let us now know what are the benefits of Utthan Pristasayana and which physical and mental problems can be solved by the practice of this asana. 

1. Reliefs back problems:- As its name suggests, we practice this asana by raising our back, resulting in relief in problems related to the spine and back. 

2. Strengthens our legs:- The practice of Utthan Pariksha Asana increases the pressure on both our feet, due to which the muscles of our thighs and calves increase and at the same time their muscles become strong and healthy. 

3. Stronger hands:- During the practice of this asana, we keep the weight of the body on our hands, as a result of which our elbows and the upper and lower part of our elbows get stronger and they can do their work properly. 

4. Healthy body:- Due to the pressure and strain generated on many parts of the body, the circulation of blood in those parts increases due to which the body becomes healthy and strong. 

5. Get relief from aches:- We get relief from almost every pain in the body, if we have pain in our back, then we can cure it by practicing it and if there is a pain in our shoulders, neck, hands or lower back, then we can heal those pains by practice this posture. 

6. Reduce weight:- Many people have more fat in their back, abdomen, waist, chest or thighs, so if you are also one of those people and you want to reduce this fat, then Utthan Pristhasana is a beneficial posture. After all, its practice helps to reduce fat from all these body parts because it produces stretch on these body parts. 

7. Increase height:- In today’s time, where children do not take nutritious food properly, due to which their height does not increase, then by practicing this posture, a person can increase his height because there is a lot of stretch on our legs due to the practice of this asana.

Tips for beginners.

  • The first suggestion for the new candidates is that they should do this posture from both the sides according to the same time limit, that means they should practice this pose with the right leg and also with the left leg, in this way they can get more benefits of the Utthan Pristhasana. 
  • To do this asana, it is very important to have strength and flexibility in the muscles of our feet as well as strength in our hands, so if you want to increase the flexibility of your feet then you can practice Ardha Halasana and Uttanpadasana and if If you want to increase the strength of your hands then you can try Chaturanga Dandasana and Kumbhakasana.
  • If your financial condition is a bit fine and if you can appoint a yoga teacher then you should do this asana under his/her supervision. 

What are the precautions for Utthan Pisthasana?

As much as any seeker or practitioner must know the benefits of any yoga, it is equally necessary to know the ill-effects of it, so therefore you should also read the precautions of this asana carefully so that you can get maximum benefits of Utthan Pristhasana without any damage. 

1. Like we have told you many benefits of Utthan Pristhasana, but if you feel any kind of pain while doing this pose, you should not do this asana or do this for a short period time don’t practice for a long time. 

2. The practice of this asana puts pressure on our abdominal muscles, so if you are a pregnant woman and your pregnancy has been more than three to four months, after that time you should not practice this posture, it is not good for your health and can prove to be harmful to the health of the child. 

3. Although there are many benefits of Utthan Pristhasana, in the initial days you should not practice this asana in zeal for a long time because it can cause pain in your muscles which can low your morale. 

4. If you have suffered any kind of injury in your hands, legs, stomach, stomach in these organs or you have got treatment for that injury, then you should avoid this asana for a few days, after the injury is cured, you can practice this asana again.

Utthan Pristhasana variations

Common mistakes.

If you do not make these mistakes while doing this asana, then you will be able to get more benefits of the Utthan Pristhasana.

  • You should not do this asana after eating food, if you have eaten food or drank plenty of water, then you can start doing this asana after two to three hours. 
  • Because this asana can become a bit difficult for many practitioners, which is actually right now, before doing this asana, you should do some subtle exercises so that your body becomes agile and active. 

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