Wonderful Benefits of Ardha Padmasana and its steps.


Ardha padmasana can also be called padmasana ladder or the former practice of padmasana and “Baddha Padmasana”. In the form of its name, Ardha means half then this half padmasana is done in it.

Many people do not know how Ardha padmasana is done, and they do not even know what is the difference between Ardha padmasana and Padmasana.

So in this article, we will tell you the steps of Ardha Padmasana, what are the benefits of Ardha Padmasana and what is the difference between Ardha Padmasana and padmasana.

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What is the meaning of Ardha Padmasana?

Ardha padmasana: – It is a Sanskrit word and is made up of three Sanskrit words. Ardha means half, Padma means lotus and asana means posture (pose). Like its name, we can do this posture for longer than padmasana. Ardha padmasana has many benefits for us mentally and spiritually.

Amazing benefits of Ardha Padmasana

This amazing yoga asana can increase your flexibility tremendously.

How to do Ardha Padmasana its steps.

First, we will tell you the steps of Ardha Padmasana, after that, we will tell you about the benefits of Ardha Padmasana. So here are some easy steps of this asana.

1. For the practice of Ardha padmasana, keep the knees straight in your place, hands on the ground and keep your elbows straight, will sit in the position of ‘Dandasana’.

2. Then, bend your right knee and place the feet of your right foot under the thigh of the left leg.

3. After that, bend your left knee and place it on the thigh of your right leg, close to your ‘Navel’.

4. And if you want, you can also reverse it, you can put any leg up or down as per your wish.

5. Then you put your hands on your knees in ”Gyan Mudra”, or you can also place it in ”Anjali Mudra”.

6. During this time you try to keep your elbows loose, shoulders straight and try to keep your back and waist in a straight line.

7. Then you close your eyes softly while practising Ardha padmasana, the breath speed should be normal.

8. The special thing about Ardha padmasana is that there is no time limit to do this asana, it can be practised in any natural form for any length of time.


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Benefits of Ardha Padmasana.

As we told you earlier that there are many benefits of Ardha padmasana mentally as well as spirituality. so let us discuss the benefits of Ardha Padmasana one by one.

1. Daily practice of Ardha padmasana can keep the body stable for a long time.

2. By its practice the body is ready to sit in the padmasana. The more it will be practised, the more we can easily practice padmasana.

3. Physical and mental stability is attained through the practice of this asana.

4. By practising this, the feet become numb, so that the blood does not flow to the bottom, and the energy produced from there is received by our stomach and our brain.

so that the digestive system is able to do its work properly, And up to the top of the blood can be handled properly.

5. The practice of Ardha padmasana experiences bliss, courage, enthusiasm and peace.

6. If you concentrate on your breath while doing this asana, then you can also increase the focus of your mind.


Precautions for Ardha Padmasana.

We told you the steps of Ardha Padmasana and what are the benefits of Ardha Padmasana but it is also important for you to know what precautions you should take while doing this asana.

  • Keep in mind as a precaution, do not do this asana in case of sciatica or if there is any problem related to lower back.
  • And do not practice this asana if you have a lot of pain in the knees.

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How to do Ardha Padmasana What are the Benefits of Ardha Padmasana

Common Mistakes.

  • Many people use only one of their feet in Ardha Padmasana, but this is the wrong way to do Ardha Padmasana, you try to use both feet one by one.

Tips for Beginners.

We told you almost all the things related to this asana, such as steps of Ardha Padmasana, Benefits of Ardha Padmasana, but if you are a beginner then you must keep these things in mind.

  • When you are doing this asana, then you try to focus on your breath.
  • And try to keep your back straight and your elbows loose in Gyan Mudra.

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What is the Difference between Ardha Padmasana and Padmasana?

If I tell you the difference between these two asanas in an easy language, then in Ardha padmasana we keep one of our feet under the thighs of the other leg and keep the other leg above the thighs of the first leg, and Ardha padmasana is quite easy compared to the padmasana.

And on the other hand, in padmasana, we place the soles of both our feet on the thighs of both legs, and in Padmasana, it becomes a little harder for us to sit longer. So if you want to do padmasana for a long time, then, first of all, you should practice Ardha padmasana properly.

You can look at both the above pictures carefully to understand them better, you will see a clear difference in them.

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