Yoga Mudrasana Benefits, Meaning, Steps and Precautions.

There are some asanas which, by doing it or, if someone is doing it, then by just looking at it, a feeling of surrender, humility, the joy of peace begins to arise, one such posture is Yoga Mudrasana.

Most yogis practice this asana because our body feels very comfortable in this posture, however, there are many other benefits of Yoga Mudrasana, which we will tell you further.

What is the Meaning of Yoga Mudrasana?

Yoga Mudrasana:- This is a Sanskrit word which is made up of three Sanskrit words “Yoga” “Mudra” and “Asana” Yoga is made from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means union of the soul with divine, Mudra means ritual gestures and asana means posture. So this is the brief definition of Yoga Mudrasana.

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Yoga mudrasana benefits
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  1. How to do Yoga Mudrasana its steps?

    1. For the practice of Yoga Mudrasana, Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana, Siddhasana or Swastikasana will come in one of these asanas.

    2. Will sit in one of the postures and take your hands behind you, will hold the wrist of the left hand with the right hand or will hold the wrist of the right hand with the left hand, it is up to you.

    3. We have to keep our back and neck straight, then we have to take a long breath and while exhaling we have to tilt our torso forward.

    4. While practicing this asana, we have to try that we can touch our forehead with the ground (mat).

    5. When we reach the final position of this asana, during that time we have to keep our back straight and close our eyes.

    6. We have to close our eyes and at the same time, we have to focus on our breath so that we can get more benefits of Yoga Mudrasana.

    7. While doing this asana, you should keep in mind that the speed of your breathing should continue normally.

    8. And then while breathing slowly we will come back to our starting position i.e. we will come in Ardha Padmasana.

Yoga Mudrasana benefits
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Special things.

  • Practice Yoga Mudrasana slowly which means increase the time limit gradually, after a few days.
  • While doing the Yoga Mudrasana, you should keep a sense of dedication in your mind, dedicate yourself completely, towards the earth, towards the nature, towards the Supreme Father Almighty, towards that power, practice this asana while keeping the devotion in mind.

Tips for beginners.

If you are a beginner then you must keep these things in mind while practicing Yoga Mudra Asana.

  • If we listen to yoga practitioners, then we should do any yoga only in the morning because at that time our mind and our body are completely fresh, due to which we can get more benefit from that yoga.
  • You should do Yoga Mudrasana for as long as you can comfortably, do not try to forcefully stay in this posture for a long time.

yoga mudrasana benefits
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What are the Benefits of Yoga Mudrasana?

Yoga Mudrasana has many physical and spiritual benefits for our body, so let us know what kind of benefits our body gets from the practice of this asana and what problems it can solve.

1. Develops shoulder muscles:- The practice of Yoga Mudrasana puts a strain on our hands and our shoulders, due to which the muscles of these body parts become strong and powerful.

2. Stretch our back and spine:-
The practice of this asana stretches our back forward, which helps in making our back flexible and strong.

3. Reduce stress:- People who keep taking tension from their work and feel stress, can reduce their physical and mental stress by practicing this asana because by practicing this asana we feel mentally and physically relaxed.

4. Reliefs in the stomach related problems:- Gastric, air disorders, gas formation in the stomach, in all these problems, the practice of this asana is beneficial.

5. Beneficial in obesity:- By practicing Yoga Mudrasana, you can reduce the problem of your obesity, especially if you have more fat on your stomach and belly, then this asana will help you in reducing that fat.

6. Good for internal organs:-
The practice of this asana puts a lot of pressure on our stomach, due to which our internal organs are massaged and they are able to do their work well.

7. Healthy digestion:-
Although there are many benefits of Yoga Mudrasana, the practice of this asana also makes our digestive system healthy and fit, the main reason behind this is because our internal organs do their work well.

Spritual Benefits of Yoga Mudrasana?

So let us know about some spiritual benefits of Yoga Mudrasana.

1. The practice of Yoga Mudrasana brings a sense of surrender, a sense of humility comes, a sense of ease comes, there is a positive change in our behaviour, it helps in destroying ego and anger and one can move forward in the field of spirituality.

2. By regular practice of this asana one attains physical and mental stability. With the practice of Yoga Mudrasana, we also get control over our thoughts.

Yoga Mudrasana benefits in hindi

We have discussed a lot on the subject of Yoga Mudrasana like Yoga Mudrasana benefits, how can we do this asana easily, so let us now know what precautions we should take care of while doing this asana, so that we can do this asana properly.

What are the precautions for Yoga Mudrasana?

Although Yoga Mudrasana has many benefits both spiritually and physically if we pay attention to its precautions, then we do not have to take many precautions while practicing this asana, but some precautions should be kept in mind while doing this asana.

1. After doing Yoga Mudrasana because it is a forward bending exercise, then after that, you should also do back bending exercises such as Ustrasana, Ardha Chakrasana and Bhujangasana so that there is no damage to the back.

2. Yoga Mudrasana: This asana should not be done by a pregnant woman because the practice of this asana will put pressure on her stomach, which will not be right for her and her baby’s health.

3. If you are a person suffering from cervical spondylosis, then you should not practice this asana, it can increase your problem.

4. As a precaution, keep one more thing in mind that you should always do this asana on an empty stomach because, during the practice of this asana, there is pressure on our stomach, due to which our digestion can also deteriorate.

Yoga Mudrasana benefits

What is the difference between Yoga Mudrasana and Yog Mudra?

Although there are many benefits of Yoga Mudrasana and Yoga Mudra at their respective places, if we talk about the difference between these two then there is a big difference between Yoga Mudrasana and Yoga Mudra. Yoga Mudrasana is an asana in which our whole body is used such as our abdomen, our knees and our hands, on the other hand, Yoga Mudra is a ritual symbolic representation in Yoga, approx. In all the Yog Mudras, only our hand is used, such as Anjali Mudra, Gyan Mudra and many more. In all these Mudras, our hand is used.

Now if we talk about the literal difference between them, then “Yoga” means the union of the divine with the soul, Mudra means ritual gestures and Asana means posture (pose), so this was the literal meaning of Yoga Mudrasana. If you remove Asana from Yoga Mudrasana and understand only the meaning of Yoga and Mudra, then that would be the literal meaning of Yoga Mudra.

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